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By Jon White (ed.)

Step again in time and stroll the banks of the River Nile to profit what made this society the most strong historic civilisations in background. Meet the most iconic pharaohs, journey the awe-inspiring landmarks raised of their honour, establish the spiritual tenets that dictated lifestyle or even learn how to learn the hieroglyphs!

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Piramesse most fertile and productive in the region, supplying may have been the ‘Ramsses’ of the Old Testament, Piramesse with ample grain, fruits and vegetables where Hebrew slaves were put to work on the to feed its 30,000 citizens and fill the pharaoh’s pharaoh’s great storehouses. Whether Ramesses ample storehouses. Piramesse was also a himself was indeed the wicked pharaoh of The striking, cosmopolitan capital. Ramesses Ten Commandments is another matter. likely chose the city’s location for its Importantly, the pharaohs of proximity to the fortress at Sile, the Ancient Egypt were more than Under traditional gateway to the eastern mere figureheads: they served Ramesses, the provinces of Palestine, Syria multiple roles as religious leaders, Ancient Egyptian military generals and political army soared in rulers.

There is no evidence they consummated their marriage. How did it end? Ptolemy was forced to flee Alexandria when the forces of Caesar and his sister-wife Cleopatra claimed victory. He reportedly drowned attempting to cross the Nile when fleeing. 32 Julius Caesar Mark Antony Roman, 100-44 BCE How did they get together? Cleopatra and her brother both needed Caesar’s support. Cleopatra met with Caesar before their scheduled meeting and managed to sway his vote. Her methods can be left to the imagination.

Reign and all her education Selene, made it to The early years of her reign since birth had been designed adulthood would be testing, as not only was to mould her into a capable the country still struggling under queen. Queen, that was; not king, the father’s debts, but years of infrequent not pharaoh. Cleopatra was cursed by floods of the Nile had led to widespread famine. the requirement of all Egyptian queens to Over her shoulder Cleopatra could feel the everserve alongside a dominant male co-ruler and so looming and rapidly expanding threat of Rome, and found herself burdened with the task of being a with a weak Egyptian army, her fertile land was subordinate co-regent to her ten-year-old brother, ripe for the picking.

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