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By Johan Huijsing, Michiel Steyaert, Arthur H.M. van Roermund

This 10th quantity of Analog Circuit layout concentrates on three subject matters: 1. Scalable Analog Circuits, 2. High-Speed D/A Converters, and three. RF energy Amplifiers. each one subject is roofed via 6 papers, written through across the world famous specialists on that subject. those papers have an academic nature aimed toward bettering the layout of analog circuits. The booklet is split into 3 elements: half I, Scalable Analog Circuit layout describes in 6 papers problems with: scalable high-speed layout, scalable high-resolution mixed-mode ADC and OpAmp layout, scalable high-voltage layout for XDSL, scalability of wire-line entrance ends, reusable IP analog layout, and porting CAD analog layout. half II, High-Speed D/A Converters describes in 6 papers problems with: advent to high-speed D/A converter layout, retargetable 12-bit 200-MHz CMOS present steerage layout, high-speed CMOS D/A converters for upstream cable purposes, static and dynamic functionality barriers, the linearity problem of D/A converters for communications, and a 400-MHz, 10-bit charge-domain CMOS D/A converter for low-spurious frequency synthesis. half III, RF strength Amplifiers describes in 6 papers problems with: method points, evaluate and trade-offs, linear transmitter architectures, GaAs microwave SSPAs, Monolithic transformer-coupling in Si-bipolar, and RF strength amplifier layout in CMOS.

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An high step-up ratio will a high step-down for the received signal impacting noise characteristics of the RX path and, hence reach. Examples of peak voltage and current output requiremen ts for ADSL line driver Vs. different output power and transformer turns ratio are reported in 47 Table 1. 4dBm to the power in down stream. This said, it is also mandatory to matc h line impedance. This can be achieved either by adopting passive, as implemented in Figure 2-a or active impedance synthesis (Figure 2-b).

Assume the true input voltage is slightly below mid-scale, but the comparator makes an error and believes it lies slightly above. g. 005% accuracy), analog noise, digital noise or reference or ground bounce. It is obvious that with a simple binary 28 weighted search path there is no path through the search space which recovers the error. However, consider the search path of Fig. 2b with “one bit per bit redundancy”. After the first bit trial (with erroneous result) the search space is shifted by one quarter of its span in the direction of the result and the bit trial repeated.

Printed in the Netherlands. 44 Moreover, the electrical characteristics of an ADSL analog front-end, such as line driver linearity are particularly stressed in case of DMT, the mo/demodulation technique typical of this kind of transmission. As said before, ADSL relies on DMT modulation to carry digital data. 1 MHz (see Figure 1-a). Viewed in the time domain, a DMT signal appears as a pseudo -random noise typically having low rms voltage level (see Figure 1 -b), but ADSL Line drivers have to be also capable of delivering high voltage peaks that sometimes occur.

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