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By Alexander Alekhine

This consultant good points Alekhine's annotations of his personal video games. It examines video games that span his occupation from his early encounters with Lasker, Tarrasch and Rubenstein, via his global name battles, to his conferences with the hot iteration of gamers within the Nineteen Fifties. Algebraic notations are integrated.

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7 lba4 (D) The only correct move. On the other hand, the old move 7 h3 is in­ adequate, on account of 7 ... xf3 8 "iVxf3 exf4 ! (but not 8 ... lLld4 9 'ir'g3 ! "iVe7 ! xf4 ••• 7 a6 Hardly customary, and certainly not best. His opponent's previous move clearly showed his intention to eliminate the c5-bishop, and it was therefore futile to force him to exe­ cute his threat. 1 ) An interesting line, which is, however, advantageous for White, was 7 ... xf7 + c;l,lxf7 1 1 lLlxc5 dxc5 1 2 fxe5 followed b y 1 3 0-0+, and here White would have formidable at­ tacking chances, qui te apart from the two pawns he has in return for the sacrificed piece.

El a4 22 l:e4 l:be8 23 'lidl Having consolidated the dominat­ ing position of his knight, Black now prepares an action in the centre which will enable him to shatter the hostile position, although allowing his opponent apparent compensa­ tions. e5! 24 'ie2 This temporarily increases the range of action of White's bishop, yet by this reason the bishop later on becomes an object of attack. This plan demanded an exhaustive ex­ amination of the tactical possibili­ ties of the position, and was not undertaken until Black was per­ fectly convinced that it would ulti­ mately result in his favour.

6 18 g4 Regaining by force the piece he has sacrificed. g6! 18 The only resource. If 18 ... liJf7 or 18 ... liJg8, White can win with the following problem-like variation : 1 9 'it'f4+

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