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By Padmasambhava, Marcia Binder Schmidt, Erik Pema Kunsang

Padmasambhava is the first grasp of Vajrayana, the lessons for our time. Out of his nice compassion and knowledge, he urged his major disciple Yeshe Tsogyal to hide terma treasures to be published on the destined time for destiny practitioners. The profundity of this recommendation is intended to be in my opinion utilized through all participants in all situations. Advice from the Lotus Born is a vintage paintings which includes legitimate fact for a person who in actual fact desires to persist with a religious course.

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Unless you grow accustomed to the natural state of view and meditation, you will circle from one life to the next, like on the rim of a waterwheel, entering at birth and exiting at death. Unless you rule your kingdom with the truth of peace, strict laws are like a poisonous tree that will destroy itself. Great king, I beg you to rule in accord with the Dharma! Again the master instructed the king: Yow Majesty, at the end of this age people with hanker after excellent teachings, but will not realize them.

If she does and he takes her as his consort, he should pray for longevity; then it will be possible for him to remain for more than fifty years. 58 ADVICE FROM THE LOTUS-BORNI He will have a disciple, a destined girl marked with a mole, and if he gives her the complete instructions, she will be able to act for the welfare of beings to some extent. 7 If he doesn't bring these instructions to the lower part of Bumtang. but conceals them at their original terma place or within a rock at a place that cannot be shifted by gods or demons, he will reveal them in his following rebinh.

The master responded: Your Majesty, to feel either hope or fear is due to the fault of not realizing the view. The awakened bodhichitta mind of awareness neither hopes to get enlightened nor fears falling to the state of sentient beings. To hold the concepts of meditator and meditation object is due to the fault of not cutting through the projections of dualistic mind. Your innate nature of dharmata, free of constructs, does not have an object to be meditated upon, 'someone' who meditates, or any meditation to be cultivated whatsoever.

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