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By I. K. Daskalov (auth.), Ewart R. Carson, Peter Kneppo, Ivan Krekule (eds.)

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Potential) - usually measured in discrete values between +100 and -100 mV The physiological meaning of the BBP, as well as other problems and the results of using intracerebral electrodes clinically, is discussed in books and articles published by N. P. , 1969; 1978; 1980; 1983; 1985). If using Ag-AgCl electrodes with proper electrolyte bridges in scalp derivations, one can record not only traditional EEG infraslow electrical processes (whose amplitudes are lower than for intracerebral ISEP - lower than 100 mkV), but also steady potentials (1Il - potentials in the terminology of Ilyukhina (1981» in the range +80- -20 mY.

Mechanically, the device is designed asa compact mobile table, with the display, keyboard and printer on the table and all other modules under the table in two cabinets (the computer unit and the analog measuring unit). The inputs are connected to the measuring unit at the right side of the table. FUNCTIONS IMPLEMENTED IN THE SOFTWARE The user-oriented characteristics of the device are determined to a large extent by the application software implemented in the system. The application software running under the RT-ll operating system is modular and additional software packages can be implemented or developed.

It must be possible to test any selected section of the retina. This is realised by programme-controlled positioning of the stimulating light source. In cases of repeated stimulation, there must be a guarantee that exactly the same point of the retina is stimulated in every stimulation. The patient's fixation must therefore be under automatic control. If there are deviations from a pre-set tolerance range, the recording must be interrupted. We managed to do this by using a modified corneal reflection method in the infra-red light range, measuring the position of the eye every 40ms and evaluating it online by a slave microcomputer.

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