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By M. N. Alexis, C. E. Sekeris (auth.), Dr. Michael N. Alexis, Prof. Constantin E. Sekeris (eds.)

This quantity comprises the papers awarded within the NATO complex study Workshop "Activation of Hormone and development issue Receptors: Molecular Mechanisms and effects" held in Nafplion, Greece on September 25-30, 1988. the target of NATO ARW is to evaluate the kingdom of-the-art in a given clinical region and to formulate thoughts for destiny learn in rising parts of technology through selling overseas medical contacts. within the Nafplion assembly this goal was once reached by means of a world team of audio system, senior Greek scientists and graduates concerned about appropriate examine parts. The Workshop was once made attainable through the beneficiant aid of the medical Council of NATO. We thank Drs. G. Sinclair and L.V. daCunha, administrators of the NATO ARW's and ASI's (Advanced research Institutes) respectively, for his or her wholehearted aid and recommendation. The overseas Union of Biochemistry offered extra commute can provide resulting in elevated overseas participation. moreover, the Secretariat of technology and know-how, the Ministry of tradition and Sciences and the nationwide Hellenic examine beginning contributed financially and through aiding group of workers. We essentially thank most of these agencies for his or her help. Our heartful thank you also are prolonged to the Mayor of the Municipality of Nafplion, Mr.

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A hitherto unrecognized growth factor is histamine, which stimulates the growth of human HeLa cells cells by activating the Ca 2+ -mobilizing HI receptor (Tilly et aI, manuscript in preparation). Histamine is formed by decarboxylation of the amino acid histidine and is an active mitogenic amine involved in a number of biological processes including neurotransmission, inflammation and allergic reactions. Recently a number of studies have suggested a possible role of histamine in tumor development and cell proliferation (for review see Bartholeyns and Fozard, 1985).

Tyrosine kinase activation To explore the importance of the receptor tyrosine kinase in the action of EGF, we have used transfected NIH-3T3 cells expressing either the normal human EGF-receptor or a receptor mutated at Lys 721, a key residue in the presumed ATP-binding region (collaboration with dr. Schlessinger). The wild type receptor responds to EGF by causing inositol phosphate formation (Fig. 3), rises in Ca 2+ and pHi and DNA synthesis. , 1988; Fig. 3). =. " ~ 1» 2;'iii c CD 1J 0 " f Ih:.

The isolated A subunit solubilized in a physiologiocal solution was apparently in a metastable state, for it precipitate out of solution quickly on ultracentrifugation (Table 1). The subunit composition of AB5 for cholera toxin was confirmed by chemical analysis of cysteine contents as well as the dipeptide Ala-Asn released from subunit B on the cyanogen bromide cleavage (4). With the use of a bifunctional reagent to effect inter-subunit crosslinking, Gill have more recently demonstrated the existance of molecular species corresponding to A, AB,AB2, AB3, AB4, and AB5 by SDS-gel electrophoresis, confirming the above result (10).

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