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Robin Gill's Textbook of Christian Ethics has been a popular&...course book&...with scholars and academics for over 20 years.&...Now in its 3rd version this&...classic&...textbook has been thoroughly revised to b

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E. Jews, 'heretics' and schismatics, but not complete 'pagans'), some are foreordained to become Christian s throug h baptism , but backslid e an d ar e also damned , an d other s are elected, no t jus t to b e Christians , but als o t o receiv e the gif t o f final perseverance and, eventually, that o f eternal lif e i n heaven (cf . the scholasti c distinction between sufficien t and efficaciou s grace) . The issues raised here go to the very heart of some of the present-day differences within Christian ethic s an d constitut e som e o f th e mos t intractabl e problem s facin g th e discipline.

Nonetheless, th e fac t tha t Aquina s was so concerned t o explor e correlation s betwee n Aristotelian ethics and Christia n ethics makes his work highly relevant to a discussion of the externa l question . I t does , a t least , provid e a clea r answe r t o th e proble m o f th e relationship between Christian ethics and moral philosoph y (a s presented i n Copleston' s Extract 3) . Fo r Aquinas , ther e wa s n o inheren t conflict betwee n Aristotelianis m an d Christianity, since th e first was primarily concerned with what coul d be known throug h natural reason, whereas the second relied, in addition, upon supernatural revelation.

P. Williams: Th e Ideas o f the Fall and o f Original Sin, the 1924 Bampton Lectures, and Th e Grace of God (1930), a much slighter, but stil l readable, book. THE EXTRACTS The Extracts have been chosen to represen t a wide spectrum of approaches within recent Christian ethics . S o eac h Sectio n attempt s t o offe r a rang e o f Extract s fro m Roma n Catholic, Orthodox , Anglica n and Reforme d traditions . I n addition , th e Extract s fro m each o f thes e tradition s hav e bee n chose n t o represen t differin g interna l emphase s (themselves sometime s a s great a s differences betwee n traditions) .

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