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By John L. Dornhoffer

This ebook, written through overseas specialists, is a close advisor to the Eustachian tube, with emphasis on these facets of so much relevance to the practitioner. the hole chapters rfile the scientific anatomy and supply crucial info on body structure, with clarification of the recent version of tubal mechanics. analysis and treatment for the patulous Eustachian tube are then mentioned, putting exact emphasis on a unique conservative therapy routine that has confirmed to be a leap forward for sufferers with this medical syndrome. a different huge bankruptcy examines total functionality of the Eustachian tube, basically from the center ear surgeon’s point of view. Tuboplasty systems, together with laser tuboplasty, and tympanoplasty are defined, and the results of other heart ear pathologies for surgical procedure are defined. The formerly unpublished therapy tools which are defined during this publication could be helpful in making sure the absolute best scientific outcomes.

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Sudhoff and colleagues [190] treated 351 patients, of which the short-term results of 167 patients 2 months after the treatment and the long-term results of 53 patients 1 year after the treatment were recently published. They very thoroughly examined the pre- and postoperative Eustachian tube function using a modified manometry after the method of Estève. Depending on the relief with some of their patients, the dilation manoeuvre was repeated. According to their results, this procedure was satisfactory for 87 % of their patients.

If the tympanic membrane does not perforate and the aeration of the tympanum remains stable, there is a chance of 56 4 Tubal Function from a Middle Ear Surgeon’s Viewpoint Fig. 9 Valsalva’s manoeuvre assisted by using the Otovent® balloon healing. Besides stapes surgery, which has to be postponed to ensure the creation of an aerated, non-inflamed process, ossicular chain reconstruction should be performed during the primary operation. 4 Tympanosclerosis and Tympanofibrosis If the perforation in chronic suppurative otitis media exists over a long time and periods of recurrent inflammation occur, there will be an increasing deposit of calcified tympanosclerotic plaques.

2 Ventilation Tubes, Tympanoplasty and Eustachian Tube Dysfunction In some situations, because of the inability to measure Eustachian tube function preoperatively, the postoperative course after reconstruction of the tympanic membrane may be complicated by effusion, leading to less than satisfactory hearing results. Every attempt should be made to improve tubal function, via Valsalva’s manoeuvre or Otovent® balloon insufflation in children, and to eradicate sinunasal disease.

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