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By John Small, Simon Ross, Michael Witherick

Small & Witherick's hugely winning dictionary has already, in its first 3 variants, proved its worth as a complete consultant to the main ideas, suggestions, and terminology of up to date geography. This new, obtainable version displays advancements within the self-discipline seeing that 1995. masking either human and actual geography, this dictionary is a necessary reference for undergraduate geography scholars.

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Plant biomass varies considerably with climate and vegetation type. In the PRAIRIE grasslands of N America, maximum biomass (at the height of the growing season) is approximately 10,000 kg ha"1; in the tropical SAVANNA it is 60,000 kg ha"1; and in deciduous oak FOREST it is 250,000 kg ha"1. biome A world-scale ECOSYSTEM usually defined by its dominant form of vegetation, and usually associated with a particular climate. Tropical grassland and SAVANNA is one example of a biome. g. the Serengeti Plains), with their vast herds of browsing and grazing animals (elephant, giraffe, wildebeest, zebra and gazelle), and their associated predators (lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena and jackal), correspond to a semi-arid tropical climate.

Thus, within the broad fluvial geomorphic system, valley-side slopes can be viewed as a subsystem with an output of water and sediment. The latter becomes an input to a stream flowing at the slope base and, in turn, the output of the stream subsystem can become an input into the coastal subsystem at the point where the stream flows into the sea. g. cocoa in Ghana, rubber in Malaysia, sisal in Tanzania, cereals in Canada. caste A Hindu hereditary social group in which all members are socially equal, united by religion and, in some instances, follow the same trade.

By reducing the overall length of network to the bare minimum); but it is evident that, for example, a journey between points A and B will involve much higher user costs than in (B). [/] business cycle Recurrent ups and downs in the level of business in the ECONOMY of a region, country or the world (hence global business cycle) a regular alternation of boom (growth and prosperity) and slump (recession and hardship). Also referred to as a trade cycle. See ACCELERATOR, KDNDRATIEFF CYCLES. business park An area of land, usually located near the RURAL-URBAN FRINGE and with good ACCESSIBILITY, set aside for office development and high-tech companies involved in R&D or producing such things as computer software.

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