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By Thinley Norbu

Like a spontaneous cascade of knowledge nectar, the open and ordinary phrases of Thinley Norbu Rinpoche, basic by means of scholarly elaboration, circulation right here within the culture of the direct transmissions of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the prior. via statement at the initial Practices (Ngöndrö) prayer from the treasure textual content of the good grasp Tragtung Düdjom Lingpa, insights into many principal practices emerge so one can deepen knowing of the rules of Vajrayana Buddhism. additionally integrated within the publication is a statement at the Tsok Khang Dechen (Assembly Palace of significant Exaltation), the basis textual content prayer of the second one Kyabje Düdjom Rinpoche, Jigdrel Yeshe Dorje.

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It is actually not good to try to make any kind of doctrine into something certain and sure, because if something is thought to exist only in a definite way, its reliability will eventually fail. It is important not to compare eternalist gods, but to differentiate between the characteristics of wisdom, and then it will not be necessary to deny any gods’ doctrines, which are infinite. They have existed before, they exist now, and they will exist in the future because of beings’ phenomena, which are the general source of eternalist beliefs, and what arises is believed depending on beings’ time and place.

Mind is not only material; it is immaterial and empty. It is not only empty now, but always empty. Since it is always empty, it is not nothingness but always wisdom inseparable with immeasurable emptiness. Since it is immeasurable emptiness, wisdom is always present, timelessly and directionlessly, inseparable with emptiness. How can one believe in making what does not exist into something real and certain? Buddha Shakyamuni said this is like babies grasping at rainbows. The essence of immeasurable phenomena is emptiness.

It is also unnecessary to describe the differences in the characteristics of gods, to determine whether a god is mortal or immortal, or to pay attention to whether a god is worshiped by few or many. If each god were analyzed in detail by studying historical accounts and making endless conceptual observations, pretending to be scholarly, it would be materializing due to the lack of recognizing the nature of manifestation. This is what ordinary intellectual scholars do, and then they become attached to these details.

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