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If you get a convenient chance you w1ll then show your clubs. How should you bid opposite a weak jump shift? Carefully! Partner has warned you that his hand is really terrible, so you will probably find yourself passing most of the time. Any minimum rebid by you s ould be regarded as non-forcing and non-invitational. However, a 2 NT b1d can be used as an attempt to find out more about partner's hand - but there really isn't too much to find out. In competition, responder's j ump shifts are played by increasing numbers as preemptive.

Question: You wrote that 1 NT Any 2+ 3+ is strong, forcing and natural. Are there some players who use it as a signoff? Answer. Yes, there is a significant number who do. This is one of those auctions that must be discussed. I once lost a Swiss team when two expert teammates had a misunderstanding and played a laydown slam in a partscore ! Advanced Jacoby Fit Bids After Notrump Openings Playing Jacoby transfers you hold: + 9 \/ Q 7 5 4 2 0 AJ 9 3 + 9 5 4 and hear your partner open 1 NT. Before bidding 2 0 , you correctly consider what you will do after partner completes the transfer.

On the other hand, look at how easy the "nothing outside" group like ing someth with They will pass 3 NT only + A 6 3 2 'V A 5 () Q 10 6 4 + 9 3 2 or + K Q742 'V A Q 4 O K 10 6 2 + 8 or + KJ 5 'V A 7 2 0 A 10 6 4 • 8 3 2. Remember, just because partner has opened with a bid of game, you don't have to play it there. 3 NT is really just a fancy preempt; it is perfectly all right to play in a part score if responder knows that game is not a good bet. Ah, there's the rub - responder can never judge the situation if partner has some stoppers, since there is no way for him to know where they are.

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