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By Lenni Brenner

This booklet brings to mild, by utilizing genuine historical documnets, the desservice that the Zionist did to Jews earlier than and through the Holocaust.

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Many Zionists translated this into Jewish soil for Jewish blood. They saw the medieval rabbis' opposition to converting Christians (in response to persecution for it) as fortuitous. —LB My dear sir, the question that you posed is of such importance that I hope you will permit me to reply to you in print. You formulate your question as follows: "I, too, doubtlessly admit that a preservation of the specific national traits not only does not stand in contradiction to the ideal of progress but, on the contrary, is desirable, and even essential, for progress; for we understand progress as an aspiration for variegation, for a profusion of tones and nuances and not for monotony.

And if the poet or the scholar writes in such segregation things which profit the community as a whole, it follows that their segregation is a civic duty. The nation, too, must create. National-spiritual creativeness is the goal of existence of every nation, otherwise it has no raison d'etre. For the fulfillment of this task a creative nation is in need of segregation: it must shut itself in, just as the creative personality of the individual is in need of privacy. And if the nation has not yet become a cadaver it will create new values in its segregation and when it creates such values it will not keep them to Itself but will place them on the common international table for the general good, and so its segregation will be looked upon with favor by humanity.

Unless dead Yanks are involved, most Americans stay away from reading about foreign history and politics like the devil hates holy water. Serious intellectual interest in anything "political"—Lincoln, whatever—is far too much to expect of 47 percent of Americans, certain the God of Abraham created the world, much like it is, in the last 10,000 years. ) Jewish readers are actually two publics. The exploding, worldly, Jews are the ca. 50% and growing, who reject Judaism as an intellectual broomcloset in a hyperscientific age.

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