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In our everyday life, we see or listen from others approximately many desirable issues. occasionally, they seem completely incredible. This ebook offers 501 such outstanding Facts.,,,,,

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The French Montgdfier brothers —whose hot air balloon made the first manned flight in Novermber 1783 — sent the animals from Versailles under a balloon in September the same year, to see if they would be harmed by the rarefied air. They survived unharmed except the damage to one of the wings of the cock, probably by a kick from the sheep. Fatal Kiss A Chinese Poet, Li Po is said to have drowned after leaving out of a boat in a drunken attempt to kiss reflection of the moon, on sea water. Blow from the Blue The only person known to have been hit by a meteorite is an American, Mrs.

The male has a special broad-pouch on its abdomen into which the female lays eggs. Pigmy Goby Pigmy goby is so small that it is only 8 mm long. Double Milk The red kangaroo can produce two different kinds of milk at the same time from adjacent teats. Slow Motion Living Sloths, the slowest of mammals, spend almost their entire lives upside-down in the trees of south American forests. The Big Sleep The North American wood chuck spends as much as eight months each year asleep. Whale of a Brain Sperm whales have the heaviest brain of any animal, it can weigh more than 9 kg, six times larger than an average human brain.

Quelea About ten thousand million red-billed quelea live in Africa. It is the most numerous backboned land animal. Blue Whale The length of blue whale is about 10 times that of a Fiat car. 6 m in length (Fig. 19) and weighs 190 tonnes. House Fly Eyes A house fly has big compound eyes, each having about 4000 tiny lenses. Strange Spider Wolf spider has eight eyes, while a honey bee has five eyes (three simple and two compound) (Fig. 20). Turtle A green turtle performed a record journey from South America to Africa.

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