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By Helmut Breuninger, Patrick Adam

There hasn’t been a publication relating "Microscopically managed surgical procedure" released and it is important to submit a publication that information the entire diversified phrases and method utilized in microscopically managed surgical procedure. The target is to create a pragmatic, concise and easy clarification of 3D-histology with workflows and precise illustrative fabric for dermatologists. it really is accordingly designed to be a goal-oriented guide instead of an exhaustive reference paintings. it is going to give you the crucial info for all operating with sufferers present process this workforce of treatments.

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3 o’clock marking the farthest right and 9 o’clock the farthest left position of the tumor excision and 12 and 6 o’clock the top and bottom, respectively. If the 12 o’clock marker (suture or incision) is placed relative to the top of the patient’s head, a very good orientation of diagnosed tumor outgrowths on the patient can be maintained. 1 Rules for topographic orientation 1. 12 respectively 0 o’clock suture marker or deep incision in direction to the patient’s top of the head. In case of re-excision always planning one clock time more than the tumor positive extension at the margins is described.

3 (Fig. 6a, b) to allow stretching the margin strip with its outside down and flatten it with the epidermis pointing out. It looks like removing the paper sleeve of a muffin (muffin technique). Now the central tumor can be removed leaving the tumor base intact using scissors or a scalpel and submitted to diagnostics (Fig. 6c). In this way, the excisional margins and the base are one connected flatted specimen for histological sectioning (Fig. 6d). The resulting sections represent the entire outside of the tumor in one section.

The vertical margin is bent down with incisions as described in Fig. 3 into a flat surface (Fig. 4b, c). After this procedure, the margins and the bottom (with outer side down) are now in a one plane and ready for histological sectioning (Fig. 4c). Using the basic vertical incision, several minor variations of excisions have been developed over the time. In the following, some of the most common variations for vertical excisions will be described. 18 Chapter 2. 4 Two-dimensional scheme of vertical excision and flattening of 3D margins to a plane Three-Step Vertical Excision and Flattening of the 3D Margins Rather than removing the tumor margins in one step, some surgeons prefer to remove the central tumor, the surrounding margins, and the base in three independent excisions.

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