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Drinking wine before a meal makes you eat 25% more. Wine drinkers pour 12% more wine into a glass they’re holding than one that’s sitting on the table. ‘Response to Those who Criticise Me for Spending Money on Old Wine & Prostitutes’ is a lost work by Aristippus, a disciple of Socrates. [ 52 ] The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus attempted to cure a serious illness by lying in the sun covered in cow dung. He died the following day. An Egyptian cure for insanity was to eat snake meatballs under a full moon.

Americans eat nine times more broccoli than they did in 1970. 1 in 8 Americans have worked at McDonald’s. 1 in 10 Americans think HTML is a sexually transmitted disease. [ 28 ] In 2011, the United Nations declared that access to the Internet is a basic human right. The original purpose of the United Nations was to win the Second World War. The name ‘United Nations’ was Franklin D. Roosevelt’s idea. He rushed to tell Winston Churchill, who was towelling himself stark naked in his bathroom. When catering staff at the UN went on strike in 2003, $10,000 worth of food and silverware was stolen.

In the Himalayas, the smoke from burning millipedes is used to treat haemorrhoids. Queen Elizabeth I owned two ‘unicorn horns’ that were supposed to purify water and cure sickness. [ 53 ] 23 Nobel Prizes for Medicine have been won as a result of research on guinea pigs. Eight million years ago, guinea pigs were the size of cows. American cows produce four times as much milk as they did in 1942. British fishermen work 17 times harder than they did in the 1880s, to catch the same number of fish. [ 54 ] It’s illegal in Saudi Arabia for men to work in lingerie shops.

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