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Underage Voters Participated in 201...

Nolitics Administrator1 years ago

Kano State Governor Abdullahi Ganduje has denied that underage voting took place in the recent local elections which con...

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation i...

Yemisi Oyedele1 years ago

It has been reported that through their foundation, Melinda and Bill Gates will pay off a $76 million debt owed by Niger...


Ayodele Modupe2 years ago

There ought to be a system in place where the poor or low income group have access to the legal justice system, somethin...

Budget Planning & Performance Manag...

Victor Kenny Macarthy2 years ago

Nigeria commits trillions of Naira to its annual budget yearly - capital and recurrent expenditures. Can someone enligh...

Does Religion Have a Place in the Presidential Office? Nolitics Administrator 1 years ago. Nigerians Turn Unemployment into Opportunities Yemisi Oyedele 1 years ago. Senate Confirmed that it's Members Receive N13.5m Monthly in Additon to their Monthly Salaries Nolitics Administrator 1 years ago. Finally, Buhari to visit ‘troubled’ states Nolitics Administrator 1 years ago. Underage Voters Participated in 2015 Election Nolitics Administrator 1 years ago.


  • Does Nolitics moderate all its forums?

    No. The Nolitics platform works on the maxim of freedom of expression. However, in accordance with our Terms & Conditions, we reserve the right to remove any comments and suspend or delete any member account where contributions are deemed derogatory, defamatory, racially or religiously abusive.

  • How can I prevent my specific ideas for the development of Nigeria being misappropriated by third parties or even Nolitics?

    Only share in the forums your general views, not specific project plans. And only use our Suggestion Box facility to submit outline proposals, ensuring the finer details are retained until you receive an invitation to provide more detail. At this stage, you can share further, more detailed information within a non-disclosure agreement (sometimes known as a 'confidentiality agreement').

  • Will my Nolitics membership always be free?

    Definitely. Standard membership, enabling you to access forums, read and share views, communicate with other members and submit proposal outlines, will ALWAYS be free.

  • Why should I post my thoughts on this platform?

    Why shouldn't you! This platform will bring together, in an organised and accessible fashion, the thoughts and concerns of people with Nigeria in their heart, like you. The term "strength in numbers" can then be applied to trying to effect change.

  • Is this a politically endorsed platform?

    Not at all. Whilst we have indications that personnel within the federal government will review the content of this platform on a regular basis, Nolitics is owned by a private apolitical entity and is NOT in any way government owned, funded or controlled.

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