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Underage Voters Participated in 201...

Nolitics Administrator1 years ago

Kano State Governor Abdullahi Ganduje has denied that underage voting took place in the recent local elections which con...

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation i...

Yemisi Oyedele1 years ago

It has been reported that through their foundation, Melinda and Bill Gates will pay off a $76 million debt owed by Niger...


Ayodele Modupe2 years ago

There ought to be a system in place where the poor or low income group have access to the legal justice system, somethin...

Budget Planning & Performance Manag...

Victor Kenny Macarthy2 years ago

Nigeria commits trillions of Naira to its annual budget yearly - capital and recurrent expenditures. Can someone enligh...

Does Religion Have a Place in the Presidential Office? Nolitics Administrator 1 years ago. Nigerians Turn Unemployment into Opportunities Yemisi Oyedele 1 years ago. Senate Confirmed that it's Members Receive N13.5m Monthly in Additon to their Monthly Salaries Nolitics Administrator 1 years ago. Finally, Buhari to visit ‘troubled’ states Nolitics Administrator 1 years ago. Underage Voters Participated in 2015 Election Nolitics Administrator 1 years ago.


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Welcome to Nolitics™, where personal agitations about the progress of our beloved Nigeria, are pooled and translated into catalysts for change and positive development.

WHO: For ALL Nigerians in and outside Nigeria, and all current and prospective stakeholders in Nigeria. And everybody else!

WHAT: An online community focused on three key objectives:
1. Giving a voice to the disenchanted,
2. Allowing discussions between these voices, and
3. Facilitating the presentation of ideas and motions for change, through a platform that can be accessed by the power brokers of Nigeria.

WHY: To move from the constant repetition of the problems faced by Nigeria as a nation, to proffering workable solutions that can be implemented by those in positions of power, at every level in Nigeria.

WHERE: A global online community right at your fingertips.

WHEN: Incubating since 2015, launched in 2017 and here to stay as a platform for those with Nigeria's well-being at heart.

HOW: By engaging people with an interest in Nigeria in positive discussion around the ministries of Government, we aim to generate enough of a voice to support the Government in pushing for change. With key figures of Government being engaged in and with this online community we are optimistic that, together, the Nolitics Family, will become influential and make a real difference. Be part of that difference, sign up free today!

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